There is a lot happening in the automotive industry, including the large popularization of hybrid vehicles. These cars and SUVs are extremely efficient, which is a trait every driver can get behind. If you are looking for a stunning new hybrid, come check out the options from Hyundai. At Jones Bel Air Hyundai, we are more than happy to show you just what these models have to offer.

What is a Hybrid Vehicle?

A hybrid vehicle runs off both electric and combustion power. When you mix these two systems, you get a vehicle that will travel further on a single tank. These vehicles will utilize the strength of combustion engines for miles then seamlessly switch to electric power. That level of efficiency is hard to find in standard vehicles from any brand. In certain models, you can even handle your daily commute or errands in Towson on purely electric power.

Current Hybrid Hyundai Models

Both the new Hyundai Elantra and Sonata sedans are stunning vehicles. These models also come with hybrid options. Customers that are looking for a sleek car that will transform the way they drive to and from work will love the Elantra Hybrid or Sonata Hybrid.

There are also hybrid SUV options from Hyundai that are sure to please those looking for style and functionality in Owings Mills. Take the new Hyundai Tucson Hybrid, for example. This SUV will take on your next family road trip with ease. From spacious cargo room to innovative comfort and entertainment technology, there isn't much this Tucson Hybrid does not have to offer.

Find Your Hyundai Hybrid in Bel Air, MD

Regardless of your choice, a new Hyundai hybrid vehicle is sure to impress. We have a range of options at our dealership near Baltimore, so come take one of these hybrids for a test drive. Our professionals are looking forward to working with you soon!

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